Sticky Wicket Podcast

Four good mates from three cricketing countries who are all based in London decided in 2016 to finally justify their hours of mindless cricket chat down the pub by putting their thoughts in into a weekly garb about what’s happening within the game they all hold dearest.

The Sticky Wicket Cricket Podcast is the weekly cricket show about the wonderful world of international cricket produced by four fans of the game, for fans of the game.   Host Joe MacDougall and fellow Englishman Ed Crowther line up against the best from down under in Aussie Marty Drummond and our resident Kiwi, Matt ‘Cheese’ Davies.

Expect a run down of the latest goings on from the never-ending cycle of international cricket, along with some more general banter about what’s bothering each of us in the world game at any given time, plus a weekly quiz of variable standard!

Available to download on iTunes: